Wasteland, founded in 1994, have finally released their third album called „Torture Tactics – Mercy Killings“.
The former two releases of the five guys from Wolfsburg “Mare Tranquillitatis” (1995) and “Genuine Parts” (1998) are already well known and highly appreciated within the german underground thrash-metal-scene.
Torture Tactics – Mercy Killings also introduces a second guitarist, which opened the band new possibilities in songwriting and an even more intense stage appearance.
The improved vocals of shouter Tobias and the complex songstructures can be put down to the fact, that the band was able to record the twelve songs in their own studio and consequently had more time to work on the arrangements.
The lyrics follow a common concept: “TORTURE TACTICS – MERCY KILLINGS”
… so be tortured!

Wasteland (R.I.P 2007) were:
Tobias (vocals), Stephan (guitars), Tobias (guitars), Frank (bass),
André (drums